Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two A Day?

When my family left for a two week sojourn I thought I would make an attempt to do two paintings a day for two weeks. For the first 4 days I have a grand total of......2. That's right, 2. I did both of those on Tuesday. Since then I have had a bit of transmission trouble, had to have the stitches from my amateur mixed martial arts cagefight victory (see post below) removed, had dinner plans and drove to Shelbyville to see my mom. The heat has also been a factor. In the fall, spring, and winter you can paint at anytime of the day so to get two paintings a day you can take them out anywhere. To get two paintings in this heat you have the window of 7-9:30ish and again at 6-8ish in the evening. If anything comes up in the morning or the evening you have lost that painting for the day. So needless to say everything I have had this week has been morning or evening. But that is typically how I paint anyway, around life.
We'll try again tomorrow.