Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Challenges of Painting

Just got in from painting more roundbales in the Watervalley area. Got to paint with a young lady who is getting started with the plein air painting and is going through all of the same frustrations we have all gone through. I told her the frustrations never really go away they just become challenges. If you are not getting frustrated or challenged with this from time to time you're just not going to get any better. Every frustration is a lesson and you just have to clear you head long enough to figure out what it is.
It was always clearing my head that was the challenge for me.


René PleinAir. said...

Tell me about it, pfff

How long are those roundbales going to stay?

Alovely one once again.

Btw. Kevin I linked you in a posting of a work in progress
of me, ... hope you don't mind.

> Here < the posting

Kevin Menck said...

Great demo! You should do it from time to time. I enjoyed seeing how you work.
As far as the link, thanks. I can stand any promotion I can get.