Friday, June 5, 2009

Had another request for a demo, this time with photos of the reference. Did it this morning in some wonderfully cool weather.
I remember when I started painting if I saw a demo in a magazine or DVD I would study it until my eyes hurt. I couldn't get enough. I love seeing other artist's thought process and the method they get from point A to point B. It seems that no two are quite alike. I also enjoy seeing my process on the computer, away from the field. It sheds a whole new light on it.
So here's another and a painting I did yesterday in the blazing heat. I got started a little late yesterday and didn't finish until lunch. Rode around looking for something to paint longer than it actually took me to do the painting.


Anonymous said...

Kevin, Thanks so much for your wisdom in your below posts. I like to watch your process. I've never tried plein air, want to, but have been timid.
Do you use any medium to help the paint dry faster?

Kevin Menck said...

Don't be timid! I guarantee you are starting with less confidence and knowledge than a lot. Just jump in. Find a place to get as much knowledge about the equipment and plein air painting as you can before you start though because it is truly different. The equipment and the set-up and take down are half the battle.
As far as medium, no. I just use mineral spirits to get my thin washes. I tried a medium once, Liquin, but it just slides around. The paint didn't get tacky enough.If you have any questions I can answer my contact info is on my website. Feel free to ask away.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for being so willing to share.. I'm going to be taking a class w/ Lee Hamblen starting in a couple weeks for plein air. I'm eager to try...

René PleinAir. said...

Thanks for this fine demo,

I've done some for a Dutch forum and know how distracting it can work, ... never the less it's a nice painting and know that you do encourage a lot of fellow artist with these demos.

Thanks again!

Marilyn Farnsworth Wendling said...

Thanks so much for the Class C demos. I am loving them!! Just returned from Maine ~ deluxe subjects and weathah!!

Best ~ Marilyn