Friday, June 19, 2009

I am posting another demo because I just happen to have the photos. The other day when I painted the Fog in the Field painting in the post below, Bill Brison was there and Bill took photos. He e-mailed them and I thought since I had them I would post them.
Also, I have the opportunity to have unfettered time to paint over the next two weeks. My family is taking an extended vacation and I will have time to get work done. I have thought about doing something like Marc Hanson did by committing to a number of paintings per day to see if I could get it done. Maybe 2 a day which over a two week period would be good for me. The only thing that I hesitate for right now is the heat. We are expected to have some very hot days over the next few and I become a delicate little flower in the heat. The heat and the fact I have 10 stitches in my forehead right now. Huh, funny, I walked into a door frame in my darkened house about 12:00 last night. I also wish it was a better story but there it is. However, if anybody asks I'm going with a cagefight or a bear attack. Haven't made up my mind yet.


René PleinAir. said...

Have a good time Kevin, and be careful with your head. You may wanna use it some little more.

Nice Demo, ... I noticed you wearing glasses, ever thought of it to take them off during a period while painting? I do the initial sketch and then take my glasses of and paint for quiet a while just color-notes, when I have the idea that it's all coming down to the details I take a little break and put on my glasses again to finish.

Again have a nice time,

Doug said...

it may take you a while to repair that door. That cast iron noggin of yours probably did a lot of damage to it. : )

Being near sighted, I take off my glasses too... everything becomes a soft mass of colors... no hard edges or details. I have to be careful not to walk into a tree or door though.

Erin said...

Just say you head butted an ol' stiff who was giving you trouble.

sorry 'bout that.