Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away

I like a good rainstorm as much as anybody but this is getting ridiculous. We have had storms and floods almost everyday for weeks now. The Duck River has flooded parts of Bedford and Maury and has just about washed away parts of Hickman County. Each time it settles a bit another storm has it everywhere again. I rode to Hickman County tuesday and the river was back up in the property we have leased and it looked like an ocean.
I was in Bell Buckle Friday and jumped out between rainstorms and got this painting done in about an hour. After I got everything up, the bottom fell out. This is the first plein air piece I have gotten done in a week due to the weather.


Jeremy Elder said...

Wow, you did that in an hour? That is very impressive. I think it would take me almost that long to mix the colors.

Kevin Menck said...

You would be surprised how fast you can paint with thunder and lightning coming over the ridge behind you.

C. Ousley said...

I like that bare pasture spot in the upper right on the hill and the bit of fence post gives it scale.

Marilyn Farnsworth Wendling said...

FAB U LOUS!!! My all time favorite is your marina scene. Thanks for the inspiration, Kevin!

Best ~ Marilyn