Monday, May 25, 2009

Good ol' Summertime

Alright, here is a list of a few reasons I enjoy painting in the winter as opposed to summer. Bear in mind I encountered each and every one of these items within an nine hour time span on Friday:
1. Lightning
2. Pollen
3. Humidity
5. Snakes
6. Knats
8. Ticks
9. Oh yeah, and Pollen
The reason I mention pollen as I do is it was the only thing on the list that actually put me in the doctor's office the following morning. I spent two full days in and out of the bed with a fever and completely wrecked sinuses. It was the sickest I have been in years. When I paint in the winter I encounter nothing that can't be fixed with a hot cup of coffee. I am now in for over a hundred bucks in medical expenses for Friday's little painting adventure. Here's the kicker. As soon as the antibiotics got me back on my feet, ya' know the first thing I did Monday? I went out and painted. Hay.
Yeah, I know.


C. Ousley said...

At least you are not allergic to oil paints! Love those greens and your drawing is top notch as usual.

Jeremy Elder said...

Pollen is definitely more formidable than snakes!

Doug said...

hey... maybe you can get a deal on some of those extra swine flu masks that nobody needs any more.

mike rooney studios said...

these paintings are as good as your mentors to me. very beautiful, naturalistic colors and the as chris said, the drawing's impeccable. you do a farm scene better than anybody on my blog list and its a formidable list LOL
do you ever do any small ones? 6x8 6x6?

Keith Tilley said...

Well all that pain has produced some great paintings!