Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better Living Through Chemistry

It's that time of year. Caffeine and Diphenhydramine. Starbucks and Benedryl.
Allergies kicked in last week and have been on my spring diet of chemicals. If these paintings start to get Van Goghish, I will need an intervention.
This was done in Wartrace this morning. We finally had a sunny day and it is supposed to rain again for the next two days. Sheez.


Keith Tilley said...

Very nice. I love the cloud shadows.

Isn't it funny how we suffer the weather in the winter and long for the summer, then when it arrives we suffer in different ways. I guess it's never ideal. I just think of being in an office all day, that really is suffering!

Jeremy Elder said...

Stunning. I have said this before, but I love your greens. You modulate the warms and cools in such a convincing manner.

Doug said...

Another nice painting!

I just had a root canal done and have some extra drugs I didn't need. You can add them to your mix and REALLY paint like VanGogh : )

C. Ousley said...

Well done! With Doug's addition we are talking Picasso! Add some Jack and voila, Pollack!