Thursday, April 30, 2009

Harding Artshow Has Been Cancelled

For anybody who reads this and was making plans to go to the Harding Artshow it has been cancelled due to a case of swine flu in the school. Apparently one of the students contracted the flu but is home and doing well and is expected to recover. However, the school and all activities have been shut down for a full week, that includes the show. At this point we haven't heard if they plan on rescheduling or not having it at all. We will keep everybody updated.
I have a daughter at Harding and this has created quite a bit of apprehension in our family and the Harding community. Hopefully, this will be an isolated event and will pass with the end of the week.
I have also worked in different capacities as a parent volunteer over the years with the Harding show and I know first hand how much work and manpower is involved in making it work.The time and energy that has been committed up to this point is astronomical. I think trying to stop the show like this would be the equivalent of stopping a runaway train without wrecking it at the bottom of the hill. Hopefully it will still happen.

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C. Ousley said...

What a bunch of pansies! Closing the show... This crap is blown all out of proportion! Thanks mainstream media.