Saturday, May 10, 2008

Real Plein Air

Ya' know, a lot of people say they are tried and true plein air painters but their deepest foray into the wilds is stepping off their back porch and painting the neighbors garden. Not Plein Air Nashville.
I was asked to try and find a place on the Duck River for them to paint this morning and having been to Henry Horton in the winter the views were everywhere and very accessible. I knew the trees and vegetation would be a bit thicker but I underestimated the thickness at this time of year. So to get to the river took a bit of an effort not to mention the rain and mud issue.
They rolled off the river bank like Green Berets.
There was so much equipment and so many people it looked like Hannibels army crossing the Alps. Fishermen would come down the bank from time to time, look around, and then just turn around and go back up.
I think all and all there was quite a bit of very fine art created by the group today and some of it may be sold for the Nature Conservancy fundraiser we are participating in in the fall. It really is a good group to paint with. They are very laid back, skill levels from A to Z, and will apparently try anything. I think the next time I am asked to take them to a spot it is going to be somewhere that requires snake boots, firearms and machetes.

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