Friday, May 23, 2008

Hay Fever

For the last few days I have been living on Benedryl, Starbucks and Repel tick spray. It is that time of year. It seems that my allergies are worse this year than previous but there are roundbales on the ground so I have to take benedryl and push through.
I have been painting roundbales in the Totty's Bend area. They have hay cut and rolled everywhere. I have been getting into the fields right after the roller and right before the fork and kind of moving with them as they move from field to field. They are trying to get it up by first of next week so the window of opportunity is small.
The painting I have posted is from a small hayfield on the Duck river. A friend of mine gave me a bit of history on the field and said that a gentleman by the name of Baird was injured in the battle of Shiloh in the Civil War and came back to Totty's bend and started a ferry that crossed the Duck river at this field called Baird's Ferry. Apparently, toward the end of the war he ferried Union soldiers across who camped here. It's hard to imagine what this field would have looked like full of Union soldiers.


Frank Gardner said...

This is a really fine painting Kevin. I like how you don't go too dark in your shadows unless you have too.
Just catching up on what you have been posting lately.

Takeyce said...

Love this! Great composition, perfect light!