Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cityscapes Anyone?

I painted this morning with Plein Air Nashville. We had set out to paint Musica but after I got there and looked at all the figure drawing required I turned around and looked behind me and saw a beautiful skyline of Nashville so I threw my effort into it. It made me realize how hard cityscapes can be. My hat is off to Anne Blair Brown and all the others who make it look so easy. I think the biggest problem I had was deciminating the info before me and trying to get rid of everything but what you actually need to make the paintng work. There is so much going on in a city that to try and paint it all in one alla prima painting is virtually impossible. I think the trick is to know what to parse down to get to the bare minimum and still have a nice painting.
Anyway here is my attempt. I think if you look at it you will notice it is not quite as finished as most of my paintings. With all I had to get down it didn't leave me much time to clean it up. I was just mixing and applying, mixing and applying.
Now I have a cityscape under my belt. On to Venice.

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Stephen Magsig said...

Kevin, Beautiful color and brushwork. Hope you do more cityscapes. First time to your blog, very professional work