Sunday, October 25, 2009

Eye Candy

If you would like to take your eyeballs out for a little treat for all they have done for you, Anne Blair Brown has a show hanging in the gallery space at Harpeth Hall school in Nashville. The school is surrounded by Hobbs Rd, Estes Rd.and Esteswood. The gallery is located off the Esteswood Drive entrance. It's always nice to find a show like this in the Nashville area and within driving distance.
Anne's work is beautiful, full of color, nice and loose and has this wonderful buttery quality to the paint application. It's an impressive show in a very nice gallery space.
Go take a look. Your rods and cones will love you for it.


Denise R said...

I am taking a workshop with Anne in a couple of weeks so I will have to come in town a day early to see the show if it is still up. Thanks for the information Kevin!

Kevin Menck said...

Denise - You won't be sorry. I learn a lot by just studying her work.
Thanks for stopping by.