Sunday, March 15, 2009

Another Backroad

Not sure what county I was in, I believe Bedford County, but I got this Friday before I picked up my "daughters" at Webb in an intermittent rain.
If anybody is interested, go to Trailside Galleries website and look up Bill Anton and then check out a painting he has on the site named Alaskan Fjord. Geeez what a painting. And I am looking at a 4x5 image on a computer terminal. I can't imagine what the original looks like.
I am constantly scanning the information superhighway for artists and paintings that I can glean a bit of information from that will help me in my artistic quest and every now and then I will come across a painting that will make me let out an audilble gasp or an "O myGod!" This one did it for me. I am afraid though if I could actually buy it and did I would wind up like Howard Hughes, just sitting in a chair and staring at my painting for months at a time until I died. If I had 15,000 dollars I would sure like to find out.


René PleinAir. said...

> Here < you go!

But wow, your painting is also awesome very loose and the colors
are sooo exact right.


Doug said...

very nice painting! I guess you could have fudged and made those distant hills huge, and put a little stream running down them. Then it would be a bit more like the Alaska painting. : )

Thanks to Rene for linking to it!

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks for the comment. It absolutely blows me away to think someone in the Netherlands can check out my artwork the same day I finish it.Thanks for checking me out.

If you think a little stream on my painting is going to make it look anything at all like a Bill Anton painting you need to talk to your pharmacist about re-adjusting your dosages.