Sunday, March 2, 2008

Plein Air Nashville

Plein Air Nashville is back in action. We painted Saturday at the Mount Olivet Cemetary. I had never been so I actually didn't know what to expect. There is so much to paint there you would never get it all. The history there is also worth going for. We were just standing there talking and I turned and read the first one next to me and it was Acklen, the lady that owned the Belmont Mansion before it was Belmont University. Names that you recognize are everywhere, old Nashville names. There is also a number of Confederate soldiers and generals buried there. I think the nicest thing about the place though is the artistic quality of most of the monuments. It is almost like walking through a sculpture garden.
Anyway, I was rather pleased with the painting I got. It was backlit with a lot of reflected light and real close values. When you looked at the monuments they were all gray but some were more green, some more blue, some more red, etc., etc. The difference sometimes was more of a temperature change in the color than an actual change in the value. I think it was the struggle more than the finish that made me appreciate this painting so much.

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C. Ousley said...

Good one Kevin. Great color. I have done a few Olivet pieces in the past. It is like a sculpture gallery. Hope to see you at the PA outing. Saturday is the only day I can be out there. Workin' man ya know...