Friday, January 11, 2013


Well hell. I bonked.
I am trying to get my blog off the ground again and I went back and read some of my past posts for the first time in a year and I noticed last year at the first of the year one of my New Year's resolutions was to post more on my blog.
So here I sit again hoping this year will be more of a blogging year. I actually enjoy it but due to other electronic media and outlets blogging has taken a backseat. Marc Hanson, fellow artist and blogger, recently wrote a post about the same issues concerning him and his blogging effort. One that I think confronts us all. Facebook has become such a dinosaur in the room you just can't ignore it. It is the single most effective way to see other art, artists, art groups and promotion of your own work. And......its free. So it gets attention. But it has its limitations. Some of the most insightful things I have read have been on blogs. They are a much better format in my opinion of information and a bit of creative thinking and writing.
So having said all of that I am going to make the effort once again. This time though no promises or resolutions. Just a commitment to work and write and post and share.
And keeping with the art theme, the pieces I have posted are from a recent trip to Denver and the Rocky Mountains. They are as impressive as everyone had warned me they would be.


Jean Nelson Paintings and Photography said...

Good to see your work again and that you might be blogging more this year. I agree that blogs can be hard to keep up, but that they are way more interesting. I also agree about the CO Rockies. Gorgeous scenery.

René PleinAir said...

Wow an other artist who is getting second thoughts about Facebook! I am with you, and still trying to keep FB as minimum as possible lately. I read somewhere that Such media like Facebook could even be more addicting then smoking or alcohol. That wouldn't be fun.
Anyway the last two paintings are just stunning!! Still using your Kevin Menck palette?

Keith Tilley said...

I can't say I like Facebook. I use Google+ more, but it's just as much of a problem for time management.

That's a nice collection of mountain paintings.

Kevin Menck Fine Art said...

Thanks Rene! Yep, same old palette. I am a truly a creature of habit.

Kevin Menck Fine Art said...

Thanks Keith! It's really good to hear from you again! Makes me glad I am blogging again.

Janet Paden said...

Blogs are so much more personal. I look forward to seeing and hearing more from you and your paintings!

Israel Yang said...

Greetings. Marc Dalessio's blog brought me here.
Really like the textures and colours here. The streaky texture is from lot of medium not solvent?

Dwayne said...

Love these mountains.