Sunday, January 29, 2012

Aquatic Transparency

I had painted this painting 8x10 in the field about two years ago and at that time I had a pretty good painting except for the area in the foreground, the area where the bottom of the creek showed through the water. I made a mess out of it. So, I took the painting home with the intent of trying to figure out where the wheels feel off.
After much research into painters and paintings I had remembered seeing this done, I tried again in the studio at 12x16. The research consisted of Clyde Aspevig paintings, Carl Rungius paintings, and of course Matt Smith. I remembered quite a few of his that had this effect and in every case they worked and were gorgeous. He has a painting on his website right now called "Shadow Lake Outlet" that is just phenominal.   After looking at it awhile I noticed in it and others, a temperature swing from back to front. Cool sky colors in the background water, transitioning into warm ground colors in the foreground. And close values all the way up to your feet. The biggest issue I had was getting my values too far apart and my foreground too warm. It looked like dry land instead of under the surface.  Still don't know if I nailed it but I am much closer than the previous attempt.


Lampros Lampinos said...

like and love the blue

Anonymous said...

Transparency and reflectivity all in one subject - whoa. That is three surfaces at once!

I think the underwater part looks like it is under water until the lower left hand corner where I'm not reading the water surface as much.

In Matt Smith's painting, it seems the water surface and it's reflections carry all the way to the front. The underwater part is visible in the foreground and indicated in the middle ground.

I wonder if it would be more convincing if more of the underwater surface was indicated in the middle ground and more of the water surface was shown in the foreground of your painting.

Jesse said...

I think you did great!The sharp angles of the logs are a nice lead in.

Have you seen this gurney journey post?

There is a ton of good info in there.