Sunday, October 16, 2011

Blue Moon Show

Once again it is time for the Chestnut Group's "Blue Moon Show" next Saturday night. It is the show held at the Glen Leven Mansion in conjunction with the annual Land Trust for Tennessee fundraiser. The Chestnuts, with Bitsy King acting as Chairman and guide, has worked diligently and has put together, over the past year, phenomenal properties to paint on. We have some exceptional properties that have been protected in perpetuity for future generations here in Tennessee thanks to The Land Trust and the owners who participate. If you have property and are considering it, contact the folks at the Land Trust and I am sure they will be more than glad to explain the details and help you" give the gift that keeps giving".
Also, I will be leaving Wednesday morning for a road trip over to Brazier Fine Art in Richmond Virginia for a three day workshop and a show. The reception for the show will be Thursday night the 20th and the workshop the next three days. If you're anywhere near Richmond drop by and say "hi".


Samantha said...

Much luck with the show and the one in Richmond as well. Your artwork is inspiring!

C. Ousley said...

Hope the Brazier show went well. Didn't get the Ousley Lear Jet fueled in time for your reception. I did pretty decent at the Hendersonville Fall Int Art Show.

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks Samantha!

Ouser- The Hendersonville show is a good one. Glad to hear you did well and hope they did.

Denise Rose said...

I hope your workshop went well! I missed Blue Moon too but it looks like you had some fabulous work there.