Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lindsey Lohan Yellow

I have a color that I can't do anything with. It has the palette personality of Lindsey Lohan. No matter how many chances you give it, it just can't be controlled and doesn't get along with any of the other colors and generally makes a mess out of every situation it is exposed to.
It's Cadmium Yellow.
Anne Blair Brown gave me a little last week and I have tried to use it a couple of times since and for whatever reason, the colors I get with it seem to be muddy, garish. The greens get very yellow ochre or too warm maybe? Not sure if it is a technical issue or the other colors I have on my palette or even a personal matter due to my familiarity with what I use and it being something different. Just can't get anything I like with it. I have also added Alizarin Crimson and have started using it a bit. The thistles above are an example of a color that looks better with the AC than just Cad Scarlet. I am also considering adding a blue of some sort as long as I can find one that doesn't become a "Brittany Spears Blue".


Gary Brookins said...

"Lindsey Lohan?!" . . . As the kids say, "LOL!" . . . That's a great description!

Anonymous said...

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C. Ousley said...

That cadmium yellow is too warm.

René PleinAir. said...

Indeed Cadm.Yellow is too warm, Maybe you should try Cadm.Yellow LIGHT.

Love this painting btw.
Inspirational, such a small area containing such a beautiful painting!

Pity your workshop is just outside my covering area.

Kevin Menck said...

Yeah, as I was using it I kept thinking about her personality defects. And I agree, I think it is a temperature issue with Cad Yellow for me.
Rene, if you can get over here I'll let you take the class for free!

Carol DeMumbrum said...

I so want to take your class, but we are planning on going on vacation during that time. Aurg!!!!
We are going to Colorado, and I need classes before I go. I can't wait to see the beautiful mountains, and hopefully I can paint some while there. I have followed your advise and I am painting as much as I can, or I should say as much as my boys will allow. :) Thanks for your inspiration!!!

Erik said...

So Lindsey Lohan has a temperature problem?

tonya leigh said...

Your work is beautiful. You're such a great painter.