Tuesday, May 11, 2010


The amount of damage caused by our recent flood here in Nashville and surrounding counties is overwhelming. There is debris and mud everywhere you look.
The photos I have posted were the few I took while it was taking place. My first incident started right at the end of the Harding Art Show when I went to my truck to get trash bags to cover my art and as I rounded the corner of the school saw my truck sitting in the artists parking lot in knee deep rising water. I ran, jumped in the water and then wading to the truck got in and drove back through the water and out, the whole time talking to my truck. "Alright, you gotta start. You gotta get us outta here. Let's go sweetheart."I then got my truck parked, ran back in the school and got keys from Helli Luck to get her vehicle out but within 10 minutes the water had risen so high and fast I couldn't get close. The rapidity with which the water jumped up was stunning. And the speed with which it fell was just as stunning. It was all over that evening in about an hour and a half. When that was said and done we lost around 7-8 vehicles in the parking areas.
The next morning was the deluge that created most of the flooding and damage. The street scene is from my driveway early Sunday. After the rain that morning I got out to see how much damage had been done and was stopped by an ocean of flood water right down the street from my house. I knew at that point this was very, very bad. I had never seen anything like it and hope never to again.
Right now, in the aftermath, the worst part for me is driving through these areas every day and seeing the possessions of their lives, from antiques to their children's toys to beds and furniture thrown out in these huge debris piles by the road. HUGE debris piles that contain everything. I mean EVERYTHING. Most don't have flood insurance so I think this catastrophe is just beginning for most and you almost feel guilty for being able to go about you life in the midst of this. Again, I hope I never see anything like this again.


René PleinAir. said...

OMG that looks awful Kevin.

Strange that we here in The Netherlands see nothing about it
on the news. I hope you manege and keep safe.

Be careful!

Jim Serrett said...

Nashville was my home for nearly twenty years, and I still have many connections to it.
One of the reasons I like your blog, besides the great work, is to see you and your students painting places I have been and love.
But the pictures coming out of Nashville are hard to see.
And I am really confused? With all the TVA and Army Corps water works was this something that was not suppose to happen?
I hope it was not too bad on you and yours.
Nashville is a very buoyant city, it will bounce right back.
Best wishes, Jim

怡潔 said...


Claire Beadon Carnell said...

Glad to hear you are safe. One of my students was down in Nashville with his wife when all hell broke loose. The only thing they were able to bring back home with them was the clothes on their backs. The 'things' can be replaced - I was just so glad that they got out of there safely.
Even though I don't think this disaster is getting near the coverage on the news it deserves, everyone should remember the American Red Cross and all they do to help - and should contribute!

Kevin Menck said...

Sorry about your friends. Tell them to come back when we get all cleaned up. Nashville's really a great town when it's not under water.
And amen for the Red Cross.