Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Home Again, Home Again...

I think I am good for about a week on these painting trips before I start to miss the family. It's not that we do these incredible things together but I just feel better when I am around them. Kinda' like a security blanket I guess. And it doesn't hurt that they are really awesome people.
Above are a few of the paintings I accomplished on the trip to Atlantic Beach. Before we left on Tuesday, Lee Dellinger and her husband Charles Jones had a social at their home and the guest list was Marc Delessio, Jimmy Craig Womble and his lovely wife, and Jason Saunders and myself. Had some great stories. I always ask each artist I meet where they would paint if they only had one place to paint for the rest of their life, where it would be. Marc said Morocco. Yeah, I know, me too. I pictured France, Venice, mountains of Tibet. And believe me, the guy has been everywhere. But that was it for him. I will say this, the way he described it, it has moved up on my list considerably.
The following morning we hit the road and arrived home after a 13 hour drive with a couple of stops. All in a days work for a plein air painter.


Gary Brookins said...

Aw, man, Kevin . . . What great work! Absolutely beautiful!!

Lisa said...

What a productive week away from home!

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks Gary. It didn't hurt that there were great views everywhere. too much to paint. It was a nice problem to have for a week.

Lisa - My trips do seem to be more productive. Eat, sleep, paint, eat, sleep, paint is a productive schedule.

C. Ousley said...

Good work! Glad you two got home and stayed out of trouble.

Steven W. Dunn said...

Hi Kevin
Your work is so very inspiring! You are a master of value and color.
I too enjoy painting along coastal NC. I spent a week plein air painting on Harkers Island, just north of Atlantic Beach, NC last summer.