Monday, February 15, 2010

More Tennessee Snow

Believe it or not we have had yet another snow.
I woke up this morning with every intention of studio painting and looked out the window to see another snowfall. I immediately grabbed my gear and headed for the Poole Knob WMA. There are paintings everywhere there. Everywhere you look. This morning with the snow it was almost overwhelming. After having scratched out a good spot and getting one started it began snowing. Hard. It actually snowed so hard I couldn't see the tree line in the distance. I have seen other artists put falling snow in their paintings, and do it well. But having never tried it I didn't know technically how to pull it off. Stippled? Splattered? Itty bitty brush? Suggestions? I have seen it in some of Marc Hanson's paintings and it is sooo delicate. Different sizes and values and the pattern they created was very even and rhythmic.
I think I may practice a bit, let this painting dry, and then give it a test run. If I get good at it though, I am afraid I will like the look of it so much I'll get carried away with it. If ya'll start seeing it in some of my July and August paintings e-mail and tell me to stop. Thanks.
The other painting is from last week during the clouds in the same area, Poole Knob. Like I said, so many paintings.

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C. Ousley said...

Excellent. I like the little branch scratches in the first. Ol' Whistler would approve of the second.