Sunday, August 2, 2009

Riding Backroads

Painted with Plein Air Nashville on Saturday and with Jason Saunders Sunday. We took a road trip to places I had never been in Tennessee. I really didn't know there were many left but he found a few, mostly west along the TN AL line. There is nothing better than riding backroads and killing a day looking.
We stopped in God knows where and painted the barn with the faded red sides and the yellow flowers in the field you see above. That barn is actually sided with pieces of tin. Old faded tin. To try and make that read as tin, old faded tin, about made me quit painting altogether. What a struggle. All I kept thinking about was,"how would Richard Schmid do this, how would Richard Schmid do this?" Well, I don't know how Richard Schmid would do this. That's why it looks like it does. I think I have mentioned it before but if Richard Schmid would have painted this tin it would not only have looked like it but you would know what it feels like. I think he is the absolute best at taking paint pigment and applying it to a two dimensional surface and visually describing something so well you actually know what that object would feel like or weigh if you could touch it or hold it. I always have a great appreciation for an artist who takes the the time, makes the effort and has the ability to do that.