Saturday, July 11, 2009

Back on the Cumberland

First off, a quick shout out to the new Plein Air Nashville "coffee girl". Thanks for the coffee.
It's amazing how much better you are with a cup of coffee in your hand. If the Indians would have had coffee we would all be sleeping in teepees.
Plein Air Nashville painted on the greenway bridge again this morning and I think the biggest challenge there is going to be getting a different view or different composition each time. It's river upstream and it's the same river downstream. We've been 3 times and I have made it work so far by painting the bridge the first time but I think the next trip will require a bit more creativity to get something unique, especially of the river from the bridge.
Love a good challenge.


Lisa said...

Hi Kevin! I'm impressed once again with the paintings you came up at the river, especially considering that both days were cloudy.

By the way, I couldn't make it because I had been up most of the night before working on a freelance project. Part of me felt consoled that it was just that "dull" river again, but another part of me felt that I really needed to learn how to make something interesting out of what doesn't initially appear promising. (As you can!!)

I agree about the coffee. Even the smell makes me feel motivated!

Kevin Menck said...

Yeah, we missed you last week. But with the economy like it is, if you have some freelance work to do I am sure that is a priority. It seems to be kinda' hard to get lately.

Anonymous said...

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