Saturday, February 14, 2009

Big Stars

Went to the Cheatham Wildlife Management Area yesterday and painted an area that I used to duck hunt in. The season is over so there is never anybody in there this time of year. The only person I saw was a crappie fisherman who wanted to know if I did portraits, don't ask me why. He put his boat in right by me and putted around the trees you see in the painting and disappeared.
Painted again this morning with Plein Air Nashville in Leiper's Fork. I tried my hand at the barn you see covered with these giant metal stars. Due to time constraints I had to weed out quite a few stars. They are all over it. I didn't have the patience or the time. When I started there was a nice horse trailer parked in front of it that I drew in and started to paint when out steps the owner with his horse in tow. He loads the horse, hooks up the trailer and leaves. So I erased the trailer and drew in the stars and the side of the barn. As soon as I had blocked in the painting Mr. Greenjeans showed back up with the trailer and parks it where it had been before. I didn't have the energy to draw it again. Enjoy the stars.


Blair said...

Kevin, not only do I admire your work but I got a pretty good laugh from the way you desribed your day of painting in this post.

Kevin Menck said...

Yeah, there's never a dull moment plein air painting. Thanks for the comment.

C. Ousley said...

You tell Mr. Greenjeans to mind his P's and Q's! You got some painting to do. The nerve!