Thursday, June 12, 2008


I usually carry very small tubes of red and have a very small area on my palette for red because as a landscape painter I use it mostly as a compliment to all the green. Yesterday was not the case.
I painted in Williamsport after I had tried to find something in the Williamsport WMA. I went to my favorite pond there (see post below) and it was full of fishermen and what looked like duck weed so I moved on to Williamsport. The very first thing that caught my eye was this giant red barn that sits on the road already composed. So I squirted out a little extra red and had at it.
Later that afternoon Jason Saunders called and said,"let's go." I asked where and he said he had a place down the road. Lo and behold another red barn.
All in all I enjoy painting barns in the landscape. I am so used to seeing them around here on the farms and in the fields it almost feels like something is missing to see a big farm without one. The only trick is the perspective on some of those angles on the pitched roofs. They are like snowflakes. No two pitched roofs are ever the same.


Frank Gardner said...

They are both great. I prefer the design of the second one. Looks like a great area to paint.

Kevin Menck said...

It is. If you are ever in the area, shout, and I will put you on some fantastic scenery.