Sunday, February 3, 2008


Went painting with Jason Saunders recently. Our method for finding a place to paint was to hook up a Garmin Navigation system and start driving. We wound up at the Rock Island Natural Area which is right below the dam that is right below the convergence of the Caney Fork and the Collins Rivers. My best guess is that it is the old river bed that was exposed when they dammed the river. It is all rock and the tail waters run through it and create tons of waterfalls and rushing water that cuts through these rock formations. I found it very challenging with the moving water and the texture of the rocks. That and the fact I was painting with Jason. He is a machine. By the time I got one keeper he had 3! It's intimidating to paint with someone who, everytime you look up they are loading a new paint panel. But I still enjoy painting with him because you never know where you might end up painting.

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