Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Second 2nd Annual Radnor Lake Plein Air Freeze Out

Plein Air Nashville scheduled a winter paint out at Radnor Lake for this morning around 10ish. When I saw the e-mail I thought we might have three or four show.
Man, when it snows Plein Air Nashville turns out.
I didn't get a count but I estimate we had 15-16. For PAN that's quite a few, especially with the weather as it is right now in Tennessee.
We don't get a lot of snow in Tennessee so when it does snow we just go nuts. We wreck cars, bend and break every sled we own, close the schools for weeks, empty every grocery store of milk and bread within 300 miles and generally act like, well, Tennesseans. Me included. I'm out in it the whole time it's on the ground. Like I said, go nuts.
This morning as we painted the sun came out and it was quite comfortable and the next few days the temperature is predicted to be much higher than 32 degrees so it won't be here very long after tomorrow but maybe, just maybe, we can have one more good one before the season's over. I just hope it waits until I can get some more milk and bread.


Gary Brookins said...

Great painting, Kevin! I love to way you capture the icy cold water. Hope you can get a few more pieces done before the snow melts.

Snow alerts in Nashville sounds just like Richmond. You almost need a traffic cop at Ukrops (our local popular grocery chain) for three days before the first flake falls. We did get hammered again, the second time in about a month. We had right at 11" of snow in our yard by Saturday night. Woke up to 13 degrees this morning.

Chris Ousley said...

That guy at the bottom needs to be arrested for impersonating an artist.... Oh, never mind that's me. I will plop mine on the scanner when it's dry.

Anonymous said...

FABULOUS painting, Kevin! Wish I could have joined you. We were totally iced in.
Marilyn Farnsworth Wendling

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.