Sunday, January 24, 2010

Class Time

I officially began teaching last Tuesday night and had another class on Thursday night. The paintings posted are the demos I did from each class. I think after it has all shuffled out I have 5 beginner students on Tuesday and 6 intermediate students on Thursday night. For me that is plenty. I am kinda' glad these classes aren't bigger than they are until I get a little experience under my belt. Teaching is far removed from "doing". When I paint, a lot of what I do has become subconscious and I don't think about how to explain it. When I try to explain it I think I tend to skip some of the things I take for granted, some of the things you have done for so long you assume everyone knows how to do them. The Tuesday night class is a beginner class. Some have never opened a tube of paint so I think it will be very basic stuff for the next six weeks for them. When I see them Tuesday we are going to go through the color wheel and how to get color with a three color palette. Hopefully at the end of six weeks they will understand things like value, mixing color, and basic drawing skills. The intermediate class of course has the basics and as I did a demo for them they seemed to ask some very precise and experienced questions so I should be able to get into more advanced practices.
All and all I am very excited about the possibilities in both classes. Lisa at Leiper's creek Gallery was kind enough to let me have the gallery in the evenings so we have a great space with plenty of top notch art on the walls we can use for examples of some of the things I will be referring to. It's going to be a lot of fun and as excited as I am to see what it will do for the students ability I am just as excited to see what it will do for mine.

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