Thursday, September 15, 2011

CSOP - 4

I recently had the good fortune of painting with Pam Padgett and Paula Frizbe. While we were preparing for the Leiper's Creek 10th Anniversary Show we planned a couple of paint outs, one in Leiper's Fork and the other a road trip to Bedford County, specifically Bell Buckle, Wartrace and Normandy. The area there is full of things to paint. It is small little towns surrounded by rolling hills, haybales and bovine.
Other than the occasional Cumberland Society paint trip I don't get to paint with these two very often. Our schedules keep us moving in different directions but it is always fun to paint with other artists of their skill commitment and experience and hopefully we can make it a regular occurrence.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

10th Anniversary Show @ Leiper's Creek

Just wanted to let everyone know Lisa Fox at the Leiper's Creek Gallery is celebrating the gallery's 10th year. Congratulations! There will be a celebration at the gallery on September 10th and hopefully all the artists will be able to be there. Would love to meet them. I know there will be tons of new work there from each artist and will be a great evening in Leiper's Fork so drop by and say "hi".  Festivities begin at 5.