Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I got an iphone recently due to the fact I washed my old flip phone in the washing machine and for anybody wondering, yep, that's bad for them. Loooove the new iphone. Can do itunes, weather, texting, well, you all probably know because I feel like the last person alive that didn't have a smart phone. So I used the camera feature to photo my paintings for this blog entry and I'll be damned, better photos than my digital camera. And I just stood them up under a florescent light in my garage. No sweat, no hassle. It seems like every Apple product I have ever bought has done that. Taken out the sweat, taken out the hassle.
The pieces here are 6x6's I did yesterday. I have been seeing some beautiful 6x6's done for the Randy Higbee show and have about 20 6x6 panels that I have never used so after seeing the show pieces got motivated. It is a wonderfully fun size to paint to. Oh, and you know how I say if you do this long enough you're going to find a jackass. Found one! Apparently if you drive by his house more than once he is going to pull you over to find out if you're going to steal his push mower or dirt bike or whatever he has laying in his yard. After he pulled me over I "explained" the situation to him and left him a business mailer with my contact info just in case he becomes a collector at some point. Got some great 6x6's I can sell him.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Greens

Everything is "springy" here right now. Lots of spring greens and storms about every 15 minutes. Violent storms. I happened to be at my daughter's school recently when the tornado siren went off and got to spend an extraordinary evening with 70 students in the basement of the Webb School gym. When the evening was over I had developed a deep appreciation for the patience and tolerance of teachers and faculty.
The paintings posted were all done last week. I had the chance to paint with Jason Saunders and Anne Blair Brown on Thursday and Friday had the opportunity to do a demo for the art classes at Christ Presbyterian Academy. They came to Leiper's Creek Gallery and due to severe weather and torrential rains yet again, I got to do the demo through the back window of the gallery. Not ideal, but I was just glad I didn't have to do it in a storm shelter.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recent Work

One from last week and one from mid-March, right before spring blooming.
Both are at Leiper's Creek Gallery.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

PAP-SE Paint Out

I got in last Saturday night from a week long paint out with Plein Air Painters of the Southeast. We met in Charleston, SC the Saturday before and conducted a bit of business and painted for a week in the Charleston area. I have to say its a great group to be affiliated with. I watched some beautiful work done over a weeks time. I just wish the weather had been as accommodating. It rained EVERY DAY. Not just one day or two. EVERY DAY. And cold. We painted off porches and docks and pavilions. My Open Box M got so wet it warped. But I have to say, it slowed most of them down not one bit. Still they painted on. I painted one morning on a fishing pier that extended out in the marsh. Terribly cold and the wind was howling. There was a group of trees about 60 yds off to my right and when I would hear a gust of wind hit the trees I knew to grab my gear and hang on. After the gust would pass I would paint until I heard the next one hit the trees.
As far as my painting, I felt a struggle all week. Don't know if it was the weather, the landscape, or what. Painting Charleston for me was about as comfortable as wool underwear. I spent an inordinate amount of time trying to find paintings. Looking, cropping, guessing. Painting Charleston was kinda' like a bad prom date. Just tried to make uncomfortable small talk until the evening was over. I know as an artist I am supposed to jump out and be able to paint anything. I can and do. But you can definitely tell the ones where I felt the connection to and passion for.