Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I got an iphone recently due to the fact I washed my old flip phone in the washing machine and for anybody wondering, yep, that's bad for them. Loooove the new iphone. Can do itunes, weather, texting, well, you all probably know because I feel like the last person alive that didn't have a smart phone. So I used the camera feature to photo my paintings for this blog entry and I'll be damned, better photos than my digital camera. And I just stood them up under a florescent light in my garage. No sweat, no hassle. It seems like every Apple product I have ever bought has done that. Taken out the sweat, taken out the hassle.
The pieces here are 6x6's I did yesterday. I have been seeing some beautiful 6x6's done for the Randy Higbee show and have about 20 6x6 panels that I have never used so after seeing the show pieces got motivated. It is a wonderfully fun size to paint to. Oh, and you know how I say if you do this long enough you're going to find a jackass. Found one! Apparently if you drive by his house more than once he is going to pull you over to find out if you're going to steal his push mower or dirt bike or whatever he has laying in his yard. After he pulled me over I "explained" the situation to him and left him a business mailer with my contact info just in case he becomes a collector at some point. Got some great 6x6's I can sell him.


Typh said...

Hi Kevin. Great art!

Frank - Italy.

Anonymous said...

Mighty nice Kevin! I love the contrast and spring color!

JimmyG said...

LOL! I did the same thing with my phone, even went through the dryer. I'm glad to hear that the camera on the iPhone is good, because I'll be getting one too. I can smell the fresh air and cut grass in your paintings (even across the web!).

Lisa said...

Great job capturing a scenic vista on such a small size. My favorite is the cow scene. I think I recognize the top scene from other paintings you've done in the past. I'm due to upgrade...hmmm, maybe I should go for the iPhone and stay caught up with the modern world. I love Apple products, too. The aesthetics alone of their products have me hooked, not to mention the functionality. And let me tell you how tough an iPod is. I have two iPods, an old one and a new one. I washed the old one with the laundry TWICE, and it still works. It just doesn't keep a charge as long as it should, but it is about 3 years old. I bought another one this year, and one time left it outside all night and found it in wet grass in the morning. It still works perfectly.