Thursday, December 31, 2009

I'm Back, and on a MAC!

Happy happy joy joy! I own a Mac!
The reason I haven't posted is the fact my other computer, a Dell, gave up the ghost. I hope it is in pieces wherever bad computers go when they die. I tried to have it fixed yet again but my wonderful wife once again thought more clearly than me and decided to invest the money in a new computer. On Christmas day it was a complete surprise. Now I am trying to get software and other things I had on my computer transferred to Macville. It may take a little while, bear with me.
You Mac folks have been holding out on me. When I would ask "how ya' like your Mac?" I would get a "good" or "it's very nice". No one ever told me it is the single greatest invention in our species existence on this planet. The wheel, internal combustion engine, penicillin, nothing comes close. This thing is awesome. The color and quality of images on this are marvelous. I may now be able to paint from an image on my computer now and then. What a way to start 2010.
Speaking of 2010, have you made your resolutions yet? I know we all say "to get better as artists" but have you really thought about what that entails? I have noticed that there have been periods in my development where it feels like I have reached a plateau and am not quite sure what to do next to keep the momentum going, to keep getting better. When I look back at the beginning of 2009 I see improvement but if you asked me how it happened all I know how to say is,"I painted a lot." Didn't have a plan. No method. Just painted. Hard.
So over the next few weeks I would really like to think about what I want to accomplish this year and maybe at the end of 2010 I will have a more interesting answer than,"I painted."
2010. Here we go.

Monday, December 14, 2009

^%$#%#@ Computer!!!

I am down again! My computer has vapor locked once more. It seems I work on it as much as I actually use it anymore. Granted it's old, terribly old, but my truck has 330,oo0 all original one owner miles and I can walk out in the driveway right now start it and drive it anywhere in the country I want to without this much trouble. I will say though that over the last few years my truck has sprung enough oil leaks that my kids started calling it the "Valdez". But it runs. Anyway, tech guy will be here Wednesday to get it going again. That, and the Brentwood Academy Art Show are the reason's I have been away from the blog. I also haven't been painting much. Took a little time after the show and had a few illustration projects come in so the last week I worked on those. Plan on getting back in the groove this week though.
I'm posting an illustration I did this past week. It is Screwtape from a C.S. Lewis story. It was one I was not familiar with so I had to do a bit of research.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Details of the Class

I sat down with Kay Keyes Farrar today and hammered out the details of the landscape class I will be teaching at Leiper's Creek Gallery the first of next year. I am going to try and teach two classes if we have enough interest. The first will be taught on Tuesday evening from 6-9 and will be a beginner class with the very basic basics taught to get people started and the second class will be Thursday evenings from 6-9 for intermediate painters for those who have had a bit of painting experience. They will start the week of January 16 and will last six weeks and will be $300.00 per student for that six weeks. It will be landscape, landscape, landscape. Drawing, values, three color palette, paint application, edges, composition, and anything that pops up in class that we decide to learn or work at.
So, if you or anybody you know would be interested, please contact Kay Keyes Farrar at and she will set you up.