Monday, December 14, 2009

^%$#%#@ Computer!!!

I am down again! My computer has vapor locked once more. It seems I work on it as much as I actually use it anymore. Granted it's old, terribly old, but my truck has 330,oo0 all original one owner miles and I can walk out in the driveway right now start it and drive it anywhere in the country I want to without this much trouble. I will say though that over the last few years my truck has sprung enough oil leaks that my kids started calling it the "Valdez". But it runs. Anyway, tech guy will be here Wednesday to get it going again. That, and the Brentwood Academy Art Show are the reason's I have been away from the blog. I also haven't been painting much. Took a little time after the show and had a few illustration projects come in so the last week I worked on those. Plan on getting back in the groove this week though.
I'm posting an illustration I did this past week. It is Screwtape from a C.S. Lewis story. It was one I was not familiar with so I had to do a bit of research.


Doug said...

C.S. Lewis is my guy!

It is much easier to keep an old truck running than an old computer.

Kevin Menck said...

Have you ever heard of Screwtape? It was a new one on me.

Lisa said...

I love your Screwtape picture! He looks pretty lovable for a devil (I haven't read the story, either)