Friday, January 23, 2009

New Personal Record

I have been painting at Radnor Lake quite a bit recently because I am chairing an art show that the Chestnut Group is having that is a fundraiser for Friends of Radnor Lake. Last week we had some incredibly cold weather and last Thursday evening I painted in about 10 degree weather. However, the following Friday morning I met Dawn Whitelaw and Erin Jones for a winter paint-out in about 5 degree temps.
The girls walk the walk.
Years ago when I started duck hunting I realized the only way to actually enjoy it was to spend the money and buy the winter wardrobe complete with every technological breakthrough in outdoor clothing you could afford. When I have it on I just can't get cold. I was much colder on my November 10 2008 post in about 45 degree weather. But these two looked like they had a few layers of cotton with coats and uninsulated boots and they stayed. Erin got there before me, finished one, and then did another while I was there. I was pretty sure Dawn would stay because she's like a painting Terminator, she won't stop. But I wasn't sure about Erin.
I have to say I was impressed. We all earned a plein air merit badge that morning and afterward Erin and I enjoyed the best hot coffee I have ever had at our local Starbucks. Now if I could teach these two to duck hunt they would be unstoppable.

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Unknown said...

Very beautiful paintings. And congrats painting in weather that cold. Its been in the 80's in CA, so I can't imagine how cold 5 degrees is.