Saturday, June 26, 2010

Social Aggression

The two donkeys above are two of the most "social" creatures I have come across.
I have access to a farm in Leiper's Fork and it's where these donkeys apparently live. I take my class out on Thursdays and we had a group of six that got together recently to paint there and invariably these two characters roll up. They lick palettes, nose through equipment bags, put their heads through open windows on vehicles, and try desperately to obtain whatever beverages we may be drinking on that particular outing.
Also, here in Tennessee, the heat is on. It has been miserably hot and has cut into my paint time. I actually went very little this past week relative to what I normally do and I went with Jason Saunders Friday morning and it is the hottest I think I have ever been while painting. My life was actually saved by a three scoop chocolate waffle cone at the Mount Pleasant Cafe. Tragedy averted.


Gary Brookins said...

Hey, Kevin- Those two asses would make great subject matter for a painting or two. Of course, most folks might mistake your painting for a political cartoon ;>) And then you would start getting hate mail, a death threat or two . . . ( and believe me, I KNOW!!!)

Kevin Menck said...

You know, I never thought about the hazards of political cartooning. You wouldn't think of it being high risk but I can see how it might get a little tense at times.