Wednesday, June 9, 2010

June in Tennessee

Everybody is in the hay right now in Tennessee. All the hayfields are being cut and rolled so I am again this year making the effort to paint them while I can and once again I will say they are some of the hardest subjects I paint. Trying to get them to look right in perspective, to get them to lay on the ground, to have weight and to draw the ellipses correctly are just a few of the drawing problems. And for whatever reason, for me, they are incredibly difficult to judge and paint the values right. Maybe it's the Benedryl.
I was also invited to paint with Jason Saunders and his students during his workshop. He has developed such a reputation as a teacher and instructor he has people attending from all over the country. Had a lady from Michigan at this one who had driven 9 hrs to be there. In the class I teach, if I get someone from the next county over I get pumped.


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Kevin!... Just keep rollin'.... each one of these is a gem!

Love the way that you use the "cut lines" as compositional elements and your control of numerous greens is smack on!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks Bruce!
Yeah, we get to practice green here in middle Tennessee a lot. As a matter of fact from April until September thats all we get to practice.

Lisa said...

Hey Kevin! Can I join you on a roundbale outing? Maybe I can surpass the ones I did last year. It always perplexes me that you struggle with those bales...looks like they just pop right out. My email is

jimmy craig womble said...

Hi Kevin! Hope you're well out there in Tn., and are getting some breezes. It's straight on summer here in NC, too. But at least we can jump in the ocean and have the standard sw winds to keep it bearable! These bales are beautiful, don't see much problems from here! PS- If you get tired of the summer greens, I know where you can come work in blues...