Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Leiper's Fork

I have to say you never know what to expect when you're in Leiper's Fork.
The class I teach has started meeting outside for a little true plein air work and last Thursday night as we painted, two guys roll out a hot air balloon, heat it up and blast off. All in about 30 minutes. I had no idea you could get one in the air from the bed of a truck in that little time.
There is a very eclectic group of people with varied pasts and interests that reside in the Leiper's fork area. Some of the best musicians and guitar players that have ever played with resumes you wouldn't believe. Celebrities like Faith and Tim, Steve Winwood, Keith and Nicole, (I sat at a table next to them at a Starbucks recently and yes, she is that gorgeous in real life even at seven in the morning. She looks like she is from a galaxy of incredibly beautiful people and she doesn't belong here with the rest of us.) Bo Bice (sorry, I don't watch American Idol so I said "who?") played in town a few weeks ago on a Thursday night and last week as we were watching a balloon take off there was a rumor Robert Plant was at Puckett's. Granted, I got it second hand, but it's Leiper's Fork. Nothing surprises me about that little town.
So if you get the chance, swing through Leiper's Fork. I am sure something there will catch you off guard. And if you see Nicole, tell her I said "hi".


Justin Holdren said...

Love these paintings! I like your style of brushwork. I continue to learn and improve by watching painters' work such as yours.

Carol DeMumbrum said...

Kevin, Will you be teaching a class this summer?? I want to come to Leiper's Fork and see if I can run into Keith Urban—Ha. Seriously, I would love to take a class.

Kevin Menck said...

Justin- Thanks for stopping by and the comment. I too learn a tremendous amount by the blogs of others.

Carol - Yes, I am sure I will teach another this summer. Call or let Lisa at the gallery know and in the meantime I'll try to find Keith and see if I can get him to sign up too.

Kevin Menck said...
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Chris Ousley said...

The last one is a lesson on how to paint a breezy spring meadow. Basically two values. Good stuff!

PurestGreen said...

Love that bottom painting most of all - that yellow is mesmorizing.

Unknown said...

Kevin, I am so sorry for the recent tragedy in your city. Seems mother nature, as much as we love her, can be relentless.
You and I are about to be in the same show together in Atlantic Beach, NC. Love your paintings. Are the yellow fields buttercup fields? We may have been painting buttercup fields hundreds of miles from each other, but only a week apart.
Hope you can make it to the show's reception. -Brenda Behr