Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Harding Show

Once again it is time for the Harding Academy Art Show. It will be Thursday from 6-9, Friday from 10-9 and Saturday from 10 - 3 so come by and say "hi." Also, the Chestnut Group is having their show in Columbia this weekend right off the square on 7th Street. It will be a great weekend for a little art shopping. Christmas is only 8 months away!


Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Kevin!... A very strong piece!

I love the subtle, transparent shadows (ecpecially the one on the church) and the rich and varying range of greens that you have employed here.

A very tranquil mood! Lovely!

Good Painting... and good luck with sales at the shows!


Denise Rose said...

I love all your work but I especially love this one!

Chris Ousley said...

Good one. I didn't make it to Columbia to do any paintings.

Phillip Young said...

Kevin - I love your work! I bought your painting of the Guard House at Columbia Academy from the Chestnut Show last weekend. I hope you come back to Columbia next year.