Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Painting Panel Polka

Well, I have switched painting panels again. Sorta.
I used to use the Pintura Panels. From there I went to the Source-Tek Claussen Linen panels and then discovered the Ampersand Gessoboard which I liked quite a bit. For some reason I really enjoyed working with the smooth surface of the Gessoboard. I could lay down a thin coat which would dry rapidly as an undercoat and I could work on that which gave me a real nice look. I started to sell off my Source-Tek stuff and then got caught short this past week and used one. I loved it. I'm so fickle.
I have found that life is all give and take. There are some things about the Gessoboard I can't get with the Source-tek and visa versa. I guess there are no rules to this and in the future will be using a combination of both. That experimentation and variety is what keeps this so interesting anyway. I just hope I don't find another panel I like or I will loose my mind.


Keith Tilley said...

I know the feeling Kevin. I have the same trouble with watercolor paper. I decide I don't like a paper, use it up, and order some of a different type. Then I do a painting on the first type and think 'This is much better' and wonder what I'm going to do with the second type that I've stocked-up on!

Kevin Menck said...

That's hilarious. I've done the exact same.

Marc R. Hanson said...

Kevin I am laughing like a panel/linen/primed addicted 'Sybil' of painting choices!

I also go through everything from the Pintura (which are kinda nice if they have a coat of oil primer applied or a bad painting smeared around and allowed to dry), to 5 different Claessen's style linens (both by the roll and by New Traditions and SourceTek panels), Frederix 'Rix', 'Carelton', 'Kent', Yarka oil primed linens (they're discontinued and were some of my favorites especially the 'smooth' and 'fine'), my own concoction of acrylic primer, pumice and matte medium, various oil primers like Utrecht's, W&N, Gamblin, real white lead primer from Studio Products, and my latest... Old Holland pads of fine linen that I'm mounting onto Gatorboard and hardboard. I haven't used them yet, but they look good!

I stretch, mount on panels, prime panels and buy panels to try the various versions that they sell like other lead primed linens, etc..

This is a real disease! But IN reality the surface is extremely important to my painting and that's depending on what it is I'm painting too. If the manufacturers like Claessens and Frederix didn't have to give up the use of lead primer this would all be much more simple. I loved both of their products when they did prime with lead. The new titanium/zinc primers are painful to paint on sometimes, they can be greasy. And they change from batch to batch. Or like Yarka, one that I bought about 4 rolls of, they are discontinued.

So I'm still searching to find one that works with me, for me and not against me. Until then it's all experimental and I don't mind that either.

In fact, I don't understand painters who just buy something without knowing why and go along happily using it without ever feeling the need to experiment. Maybe I'm just jealous of that??? :-)

I like the look of your work on the SourceTek panel by the way. It has depth. I like all of your work, but that looks good.

Kevin Menck said...

Oooh, when did they make the change over from the lead?
I actually tried the acrylic primed stuff from Source-Tek and liked the toothiness (is that a word?) of it. It had a lot of bite. Throw that in too because I am sure I will use it again.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Hi Kevin, Just found your blog..(love your work) while searching for rolls of Yarka linen...enjoyed your take, and also Mark's on various panels. I find I am looser using my owned primed masonite. I like to leave some brushstrokes in the gesso..Ampersand is so uniform, but I like it, too. I am finding the texture of Pintura bugs me on small 6x8 work..I still buy them 'cause they are so cheap. Can't stand the rolled edge on any canvasboard so don't buy those. Want to try the Rafael linen panels and of course I love the Art Source panels. What is your favorite linen, either primed or not for large work? I have tried Classens oil primed, the smell was so strong I was glad when I'd used it up! I also prime my own #12 canvas (Liquitex gesso) and make my own linen or cotton on masonite panels from small scraps. It's fun to try it all.

Jennifer Bellinger said...

Whoops, I meant Raymar panels not Art Source.

John David Thornton said...
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