Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Week

These are some of the paintings I got done over the course of the week starting with a Chestnut Group/Plein Air Nashville paint out at the Butka farm in Bells Bend on Sunday. The rest were done from Leiper's Fork to Williamsport. I also had the opporutunity to paint with Jim Frazier, Roger D. Brown and Beverly Evans on Tuesday. Since the Door County trip she is officially one of the guys.
Also, the Cumberland Society is starting a blog. We will be posting the things we are involved in and what work we are working on from time to time. We hope it will be a format for a little artistic give and take and to stay in touch with the art community. I know I am looking forward to seeing what the other members post.


Chris Ousley said...

Well,get that Cumberland blog up and start posting! Chop Chop!
You nailed that distant summer haze in the top one. Good stuff.

Unknown said...

I find the one with the bridge to be a very pleasing and stable composition.

Erin said...

the change of temperature of the shadow under the bridge is particularly nice.

looking forward to seeing how the blog turns out. THAT should be interesting.

Carol Morgan said...

Love the summer haze in the top one and ALL of your work. I seem to just fall into your paintings ........ feeling the temperature, time of day and I can even imagine the bugs! Master painter!

Chris Ousley said...

Bugs? I check for ticks after viewing Kevin's paintings! ;-)

Kevin Menck said...

Ouser- Thanks for the posts and the compliments. When you get the chance holler, and we'll go. How's the "Zorn Palette" coming?

Jeremy-Thanks, I was worried that the bridge got a little two "rigid" or industrial looking in the landscape but thought it would be a good chance to try one.

Erin-I expect comments from time to time.

Carol-Thanks for the comments. Not sure about the Master Painter designation yet but having Carol Morgan say it means I am that much closer!

Chris Ousley said...

Just did the one oil so far with the Zorn. I do want to do more. I will add a blue! Working on several 11x14 paintings of some landmarks in Germantown for someone now.