Thursday, April 24, 2008


I have to say I think I am the worst photographer in the world. My images are never square and the color is usually miles off. It has been the most frustrating thing about a blog and website. I have tried every lighting situation available to me (without buying high end equipment) . The best thing I have found is direct sunlight with the art angled just right so the sun doesn't blow out the darkest darks. Anyway, I re-shot the art in the previous blog. I think you may notice a difference.

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Frank Gardner said...

Hi Kevin, I found your blog about a week ago. You do some real nice paintings.
Your statement on photographing caught my eye. I also think that direct sun gives the best photos, especially for subtle color variations. The color is right on. If I have to adjust at all, just a nudge in levels (photoshop) usually does the trick. When I shoot in the shade my color is all off and adjustments are hard.