Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Mud, Mud, Everywhere

After the constant rainfall we have had of late it seems like everywhere I try to paint I have had to deal with mud. My backpack is covered, my truck is covered, and my boots stay covered. The painting I have posted here is usually a dry ditch. When it has water in it it is very attractive. However, as I painted either my feet started to sink or the water level started coming up. The ground was so saturated there that by the time I had finished I was wading in about a half inch of water where previously it had been dry.
I have also set it in a 6x8 frame I had laying around that I think is a favorite frame of mine. These gold frames make a predominantly green landscape look really good. I am getting these frames from Ric Guthrie so if anybody needs his number e-mail and I will hook you up.

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