Thursday, January 17, 2013

Semi - Demo

A quick demo. Unfortunately the same thing I always do happened again. I start out with the best intentions but I only get a few photos shot before I go into a painting stupor and forget to photograph the whole painting process. I should hire a photographer. Or at least someone to stand there and poke me from time to time and remind me to shoot.


René PleinAir said...

You'r giving your best shot!
That's what counts, and there is enough to learn form it.

Do you ever pré-was or coat your panels?

Saw you mountain painting on FB, just awesome, we don't have that here in 'Flatland' ;-)

Kevin Menck said...

My panels consist of oil primed linen glued on birch wood. usually Claessens linen. I have used Centurion lately.
Thanks again for stopping by and the comments Rene.

Michael Poindexter said...

Thanks for posting those progress shots. It is always informative to see.

Keith Tilley said...

I know the problem, I've done the same myself. This is still useful though, it's nice to see the progress.

Kris said...

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marketer said...

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