Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Cumberland Society and Chestnuts

My painting this morning.
Spent the day with Anne Blair Brown and Pam Padgett at Cheekwood painting on behalf of The Cumberland Society with the Chestnut Group, another group of painters with which I am also involved.
The Cumberland Society approached the C'Nuts awhile back about painting with them for a day and trying to impart some of the info and skill we have collected over the years on plein air painting through years of experience in the trenches, so to speak, for some of the new members of Chestnuts who might be just starting and have those questions that we all have at some point in our careers. The first time I saw an Open Box M I thought it was something that had been developed by NASA and could fly and shoot lasers. I had no idea what it was. But another artist was kind enough to explain. That and three color palettes, and linen types, and frames, and value, and etc., etc., etc. And I remember trying desperately to glean whatever info I could get from artists and anyone who might know. To have a source like this was a gold mine for me. Not that we are master artists by any stretch of the imagination, but we have had our share of successes and failures and in the process figured out a few things that work and a lot that doesn't.
Lunch with the 'Nuts.
Pam Padgett
It made for a very good day and we met a lot of new potential artist and I would hope that once they figure it out they will remember the day we helped them and will feel the same obligation I do to those who helped me, and pass it on.


shirley fachilla said...

Menck, the master of green!
Thank you for mentoring the new Nuts.

Kevin Menck Fine Art said...


Anonymous said...

thanks for the great 3days of painting? hope you and your wife can make it monday night 6:30-10ish
we live on the corner of chancery and tyne.
who do i contact to join chestnut group? i figure since i know the founder kim b and david may ,after 12 years of "sunday painting" i finnaly have the guts to join in. looks like a lot of fun, nice people......like all the 8 folks i met at your workshop in leipers.
thanks again!
jeanne stabile