Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Great Painting Giveaway

I painted Saturday morning with members of the Chestnut Group in downtown Nashville. The reason is the fact Nashville is having "Artober Nashville" which is a celebration of the arts here in Nashville with tons of events planned over the month of October. The one I was participating in was devised by Cathleen Windham of the Chestnut Group. The plan was to meet at Big River Grill for lunch and then fan out in that area and paint. The catch, or catches, was the fact you had only ONE HOUR to paint and you had to give it to somebody on the street. A stranger.
Lunch was great but then I felt myself vibrating a bit due to the ONE HOUR time limit. I set up along Riverfront Park and as I was setting up a young couple from Indiana asked me to take their picture and as I did explained to them what we were doing and told them in ONE HOUR if they came back they could have the painting if it came off well due to the ONE HOUR time limit.
After the dust settled and the time expired I had one I could give away. Wasn't bad. With all the whining I have done about the ONE HOUR time limit I think it is a great exercise for anybody who paints. Being able to get a very accurate start down in that time is an asset we should all try to have. Once I was done, popped it in a little frame and away it went to Indiana. I neglected to tell them though, the drying qualities of oil paint. Hopefully one of them realized it before it was demonstrated on their clothing or interior of a suitcase.
                                                    The 'Nuts


Erik van Elven said...

Great story Kevin. One hour, wow, respect!

Shari said...

Darn! I thought *I* could maybe win the "Great Painting Giveaway"! This isn't a contest :( Maybe that's the next thing your group should do :)

~ Shari

Denise Rose said...

Love it Kevin! I wish I could've been there to paint with yall. I was down the street at the Vandy/Arkansas game. One kid graduated from Arkansas and I have one at Vandy now - so couldn't miss the opportunity to see them at the same time! Hope you had fun painting with that one hour time limit and I LOVE your painting! Those peeps are lucky to have your work!

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks Eric. I have to say there's a lot more I could have done had I have had 15 more minutes. Just 15 more minutes.

Shari - Thanks for the suggestion. We were brainstorming trying to come up with the next one.

Denise - Who the hell did you root for?

Sherrie Russ Levine said...

Very nice little gem Kev! It was a blast painting down on the River with you!

Kevin Menck said...