Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A 12x16 done afield. That is massive for me.
After calming down from that first initial burst of frenetic paint application to block in the big stuff it didn't seem to be any more time consuming than a 9x12.  Go figure. Granted it wasn't the most complicated painting I have ever done but again having only about 2 hours in it was quite surprising especially since I didn't abandon the number 1 brush I use. You gotta' dance with the one that brung ya'.
The other photo is mid-painting in a field of roundbales.  It's that time here in Tennessee. Roundbales seem to be everywhere you look.


Janet Paden said...

Kevin, your work caught my eye, since I am also from Tennessee. I live in Ohio right now. It is so good to see your paintings from TN. How do you get those brilliant greens?!?! Can't seem to do that.

Anonymous said...

Love them.. you do have a great way with green.. and amaze me that you work your magic with a #1!! They look great - as always!

Chris Ousley said...

Just chance your last name to Green. Great work as usual.

Kevin Menck said...

Thanks everybody.
Apparently I take my ability to mix the greens for granted. But being from Tennessee it's all I know in the summer.Had a lot of practice, so to speak.