Saturday, December 11, 2010


Not much to say on this one, just wanted to get one in before I go to bed.
These are more 6x9's and the one with the barn and flag is a 9x12 I did back during my workshop as a demo, on Veteran's Day actually.
I'm sitting here right now getting a little excited over the fact we have snow in the forecast. The forecast has a pretty stiff wind predicted though and that can really make painting tough. Hopefully I'll be able to get at least one good snow day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin: You want snow? Come to Sharon Ontario 30 min. N. of Toronto. We have about 1 foot of the stuff already and a major storm coming in tomorrow. I would love to send a photo. It is or was -12 celcius as well. Much too cold to paint outside. They were calling in the homeless because of the cold. I think you are very lucky for painting weather outside in Dec.

Barb. in Sharon,Ontario. (Luv Y'r work!!!)

Unknown said...

brrr!! The projected high is 22 here tomorrow. What do you bundle up in?? - particularly your hands?? and.. how fast can you get it down? I'd love to try cold painting this year!

René PleinAir said...

Wow and again one for on my desktop! If I ever would hold a competition who's the most on my desktop you'll probably win!

I used your palette again now for a few weeks Kevin except the Cad Lemon I used Cad light, I wonder what makes you use Cad lemon?!

Kevin Menck said...

Anonymous Canadian - I bet ya'll do see a little more than we do here. We have about three inches right now and everything is closed and the ditches are full of cars.

Tiff - I used to duck hunt so I invested money in the top of the line winter weather clothes. Gloves, baclava, the works. It's true what they say, the clothes make the man.

Rene - by looking at your blog it looks like you had some cold weather too. As far as the lemon, I starting using it because it was the one yellow I couldn't mix. I can add red in degrees to get the others but I can't cool the others down enough to get the lemon. I also seem to get the better "Tennessee Greens" with it.
Thanks for the comments my friend, it's good to hear from you.