Saturday, November 6, 2010

Everybody's a Critic...

...which in the case of the painting above is a good thing.
The Cumberland Society of Painters had a meeting Thursday night and agreed to have a "critique" after. We all brought paintings for the exercise and I had just finished the painting above that morning. During the critique of the painting there were a few compositional issues brought up so I took the painting home and followed the advice and "voila", a better painting! I think it actually helped the feel and design of the painting.
This was one of the first group critiques I had been a part of so I have to say I was a bit apprehensive trying to tell people who are much more experienced than myself how I think it ought to be. But after watching them I noticed it can be very constructive and I think we all have the same problem of being our own worst critic. I can stare at one of my paintings for only so long before it starts looking like a Jackson Pollock and it's nice to get fresh minds and eyes to see things you just can't pick up on.
Anyway, I may try this piece larger because I do like the feel of it and hopefully I can translate some of the qualities of it as I enlarge it.


greggart said...


What were the adjustments you made? Or what was the one thing that was most valuable to you?

Kevin Menck said...

I had this huge vertical line that formed along the top of the ground plane with the reddish vegetation. I brought some down into the ground plane and added a bit more branches and tree trunk to break up the green of the trees. Little changes but they helped a lot.

Chris Ousley said...

The reddish vegetation and trunk make it happen for me against the green. Nice.