Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Land Trust of Tennessee

I think I have mentioned this before but it bears repeating; thank you to anyone who has donated property to the Tennessee Land Trust. It is a gift to all Tennesseans, now and into perpetuity, and hopefully if my DNA produces an artist or two in my family tree generations from now, they will be able to stand and paint the same farms and fields I have had the pleasure to paint these last few years and the same vistas the indians experienced. That's phenomenal to me. Every time I find an arrowhead and hold it in my hands I try to picture the guy that turned that arrowhead in his hands. How much time did he devote to his craft? Was the arrowhead I happened to be holding in my hand one that he was exceptionally proud of or one he would consider a dud? One that he would show everyone or one he lost control of and threw in the field I found it in? While I am holding that arrowhead I feel an incredible connection to whoever that indian may have been and all we have in common. Dedication to craft, sacrifices made to further that craft, and that unexplainable "fire in the belly."
I mention the Land Trust because lately the Chestnut Group has been painting Land Trust properties for the fundraiser they have on October the 9th at the Glen Leven mansion in Nashville (which is also a trust property). The paintings above are all from the the Daniel's property in Watervalley and were painted with the Chestnuts last week.


Carol Morgan said...

Love the way your eye just naturally zig-zags through the painting.

greggart said...


I loved the way you cooled the greens to add perspective. Not sure if that was actually part of the scene or you just pushing that more. Out west we are so dry I often have to push to add perspective...never painted back east though. Great stuff. Thanks for posting.


Your perspective is amazing and the Paintings really seem to mean a lot when it's in words from you. Thank you so much for sharing with everyone.
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Oposicao Metalurgica De Gravatai said...

Lovely bloog you have here