Monday, May 24, 2010

Back in the Saddle Again.....Kinda'

This is the first painting I have done in over a week. The week before I only did demos. I did two for a day long workshop I did for the Chestnut Group and two for the student body at The Webb School in Bell Buckle. I also slipped off with Jean Gauld Jeager after the Chestnut workshop to paint in the Glen Leven garden. For the last two weeks, that's it.
This painting was done with Plein Air Nashville Saturday morning at the Mount Olivet Cemetery and I have to admit I felt a bit rusty, clumsy. There is a "groove" or rhythm to this. You have to do it on a pretty regular basis for it to stay intuitive and less trying and from time to time life will knock you out of your groove. Hopefully this week I can get back into my groove.


René PleinAir said...

I hope everything is all right with you and yours. I love this painting in three ways one because it's a special day for me (25/05) and two because I tried you palette and now know how very well it suits you, and three it's just an very nice painting. Welcome back Kevin, missed your work!

Samantha said...

Amazing shadows and light! Nice work.

Cathleen Windham said...

Those donkeys thought your groove was back. hahaha!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hey Kevin!... Give your Self a break my Friend! "You" ... are groovin' in this little gem!

One's eye cannot stray too far away from the cental granite subject...being lashed into the subject by your calculated and successful use of the myriad of greens and shadows that completely "capture" your subject!

Fresh... thought-provoking and technically handled in a very eye-catching way! Well done!

Good Painting!
Warm regards,

Chris Ousley said...

Good to see a new post from you Keninator. I must have missed the email from the paint group. I like Mt Olivet. Good work as usual!